The exclusive JOOP! Capsule collection combines tradition with zeitgeist. The iconic JOOP! cornflower logo, which made brand history in the 1980s, provides the basis for this modern look. A new updated cornflower has been creat-ed in collaboration with Peter Schmidt, the internationally renowned product and brand designer who designed the original cornflower. The latest version plays with the original design while also taking a leap into the present. A newly created all-over chequered pattern also features as an additional design element throughout the Capsule collection. 

All the pieces in the Capsule collection have a casual, urban feel. The focal point is the fresh, modern JOOP! cornflower, which serves as an overarching style element and appears in all the product groups. A casual Cornflower jersey and knitted pieces are complemented by the trousers, shirt, bomber jacket, reversible leather jacket and accessories. The combination of these pieces creates an iconic and modern branded look.

Die exklusive JOOP! Capsule Collection vereint Herkunft mit Zeitgeist. Ausgehend vom ikonographischen JOOP! Kornblumen-Logo der 80erJahre, das Markengeschichte geschrieben hat, wurde ein moderner Look entwickelt. In Zusammenarbeit mit Peter Schmidt, dem international renommierten Produkt- und Markendesigner und Schöpfer der Original-version, wurde eine moderne JOOP! Cornflower kreiert. Die neue Version spielt mit dem historischen Original, schafft aber gleichzeitig den Sprung in die Gegenwart. In diesem Kontext wurde auch ein neues schachbrettartiges All-over-Muster kreiert, das sich als weiteres Designelement durch die Capsule Collection zieht. 

Alle Teile der Capsule Collection transportieren einen urbanen Casual Look. Im Zentrum steht dabei die frische, moderne JOOP! Cornflower, die sich als übergreifendes Stilelement in allen Produktgruppen wiederfindet. Lässige Cornflower- Jersey- und -Strickteile werden durch Hose, Hemd, Blouson, Wendelederjacke und Accessoires ergänzt. Miteinander kombiniert ergibt sich ein zeitgemäßer markenikonischer Total Look.

The Symbol

Entdecken Sie hier passend die neue Cornflower Collection.

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The Symbol

Entdecken Sie hier passend die neue Cornflower Collection.

As an internationally renowned product and brand designer, Peter Schmidt (THE STUDIOS) has a special talent for showcasing brands in a way that embraces all their facets. He has already helped many brands to achieve acclaim, and his influence is still felt in all of them – as is the case with JOOP!. Not only did he design the JOOP! lettering for the brand, but also the JOOP! cornflower logo. This cornflower has been the face of the brand since the 1980s and is such an integral style element of the JOOP! design that it is hard to imagine the brand without it.

Inspired by the iconic JOOP! cornflower logo from the 80s, JOOP! has now created a new interpretation of this small but powerful flower in cooperation with Schmidt: the exclusive cornflower capsule collection – combining its origins with the zeitgeist. As a small tribute to the JOOP! cornflower and the creator of the original version in this context an exclusive interview with the icon maker himself!

Mr. Schmidt, with more than 50 years of professional experience behind you, there’s probably no design genre in which you have not worked. And you’ve achieved success after success. This year, for example, you were awarded the German Design Prize in the category “Personality of the Year”. Do you have a personal recipe for success?

There’s no real recipe for success because every customer and every project demands new approaches and has different requirements. I find it important to reduce everything to a minimum to start with because that gives you a clear head to do the work required. Only then can all the other components be added back into the mix.

Where do you get your inspiration from time and again?

From books and nature. I read a lot and marvel at how nature solves problems. You could even say that every answer lies in nature itself and all we have to do is find it.

What experiences in your work have left a lasting impression on you?

There are of course lots of stories and experiences that I’ve gained over the years and in all honesty I can only really recount a few reliably. But collaborating with Wolfgang Joop really sticks in my mind as being inspiring and very intense. It had an impact on me for a long time.

Zeitgeist is a term that is of huge importance for JOOP! Design. How much does the current zeitgeist influence today’s design in your opinion? What changes and challenges do you encounter in your work as a result?

At the moment, it’s the major fashion brands that are really embracing the zeitgeist. And zeitgeist is certainly a rather essential element for fashion, at least in part. However, the homogenisation of various brands that we’re seeing at the moment is swallowing the identity of the individual brands to a great extent. What is important in my view is not to follow the zeitgeist blindly over the course of time but rather be timeless and keep an eye on the zeitgeist. I think we’ve managed to do that with a lot of our brands. JOOP! is also certainly a very good example – we are of course minded to take a close look at the logo from time to time and ensure that it’s still up-to-date.

You’re known not only for your great product designs, but also for your corporate designs. What makes a strong logo design in your opinion?

A logo is the most important reduction of the brand. It obviously can’t explain as much as a beautifully illustrated book, brilliantly written texts or a whole corporate design, but it’s the icing on the cake and is often the most important point of contact with the customer. So it’s important that it communicates what a brand stands for, how the people behind the brand think in a clear and simple way and basically beats customers around the head with it (he says, laughing).

Should brands adapt their corporate design over the course of time in order to stay up-to-date?

That’s a really interesting question. Staying up-to-date is of course always very important. But it’s even better if you can be a little bit ahead. And you can only do that not only by making bold bets but also by integrating timelessness into the concept. A corporate design should always be designed with the big picture in mind over the course of many years and not come across as a flash in the pan, but instead bolster the company image over a matter of decades to build up the promise of quality for the customer.

Where did you get your inspiration for the JOOP! cornflower? What was the process of development for the word and picture mark back then?

Wolfgang Joop was absolutely clear that he wanted a symbol, an image for his beauty products to differentiate them even more from the fashion side of things. Over the years, however, it became part of a big whole, which is surely also a good thing. The JOOP! lettering back then was clear and understandable and the exclamation mark was revolutionary at the time. But both we and Wolfgang really longed for some emotionality, especially with regard to accessories and make-up or fragrance products. This led to the creation of the cornflower which is reminiscent of a royal style element or represents it.

How was the experience of reinterpreting the original cornflower design for you?

It was great fun. It was of course necessary to adapt the cornflower to today’s conditions and the digital revolution. There were completely different requirements back then and people also thought in a different way. A reinterpretation was therefore urgently required and turned out to be a very exciting process. It involved rethinking the existing design and we came to the conclusion that developing it further is the right way forward.