Artist, Communication Designer,
Model and Lifestyle-Blogger! 

Thanks to his art, his good looks and his versatility the 23-year-old Hamburg-based talent
has a huge reach of over three million followers on Instagram.

For the new JOOP! JEANS summer collection we captured the exceptional talent in front of
our camera and he gave exciting insights into his everyday work.

Discover more news by Toni in the upcoming weeks.

I feel the most powerful while drawing!

I feel comfortable in all my roles, otherwise I could not realise my projects with the necessary seriousness. But I feel the most powerful when drawing: I dive into my own world - I digress and drift off, as if I would hang on a balloon.

I keep
my eyes open!

I am inspired by thoughts, dreams, music, people and experiences that I gathered, the positive and the negative ones. In general you should always keep your eyes open, be attentive and consciously observe your environment.

Talent with a reach

The Instagram star Toni Mahfud captivates with diverse talents and unique aesthetics more than three million followers. Discover now his very personal JOOP! Looks.

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