Model, presenter, advertising ambassador and entrepreneur – at the tender age of 18, Lena Gercke won the first season of “Germany’s Next Topmodel”. Since then, 12 years have passed and her career has gone from strength to strength. Her profession means that the 30-year-old is always on the move and has already seen a lot of the world. Her current record: 3 continents in just 6 days! This is why she is the perfect ambassador for the new JOOP! travel bag collection.

In an exclusive photo series she skilfully presents the highlights of this new collection. This is the second time she is to be seen in front of the camera for JOOP! In an exclusive interview at the hotel Bayerischer Hof, Munich, she gives exciting insights into her personal travel experiences and reveals her absolute travel must-haves. 


What is your favourite destination? Do you have any insider tips?

I never go on holiday to a country I‘ve been before. I try to discover as many different corners of the world as possible. I once did an amazing safari in Botswana, which was truly a unique experience – becoming one with nature and seeing the wildest animals in their natural habitat was incredible. But I am also a massive beach fan, I love the Caribbean. Koh Lanta in Thailand is so beautiful and the Maldives are perfect for relaxing.


Is there a destination that has surprised you?

I was in Bali 5 years ago and I went back recently for a shoot in April. So much has changed over that period, positive as well as negative. The island has become very touristy, but there is so much to discover that I would definitely go again.


Beach holiday or city trip?

Beach holiday! I just love the sun, the beach and the sea. But I couldn’t just lie on the beach for a week either. I’d get too bored! I want to explore the country and also need a bit of action on each holiday too.

Who do you prefer to travel with?

With my family! Unfortunately, we don’t see each other that often during the year, so I plan at least one family holiday for each year. Spending quality time with my family is my absolute highlight.


What’s your favourite travel outfit?

That always depends on where you go, of course. For a flight I al-ways wear something comfortable and simple.


How do you prepare for a trip?

I feel like I’m constantly packing and unpacking and I have to say it’s not exactly my favourite thing in the world to do. Usually I pack spontaneously just before the trip and then throw out half the clothes again 10 minutes before I leave, because I always take too much with me, true to the cliché.



Do you pack too much or too little?

Definitely too much, but women always have to be prepared for anything, right? :-) I always dress depending on my mood, so I need a good outfit selection.


What do you absolutely have to have in your travel bag?

Headphones for the flight, chewing gum, travel medication and good sunglasses.


Do you have a beauty tip for the road?

Travelling stresses the skin and dries it out so I always have my favourite moisturizer and a good lip balm with me.

What are your best tips to counter jet lag?

Don’t eat on the plane! Either eat before departure or go straight to sleep on the plane.


What songs do you put on your iPod?

For the plane I always have my Ludovico Einaudi playlist with me, so I can fall asleep easily and relax. For the hotel I’ve got anything from Spanish music up to and including Destiny’s Child – everything’s there.


On the plane: tomato juice or champagne?

Neither! I never drink alcohol on the plane because I get claustrophobic and become very restless. And tomato juice isn’t on the list of things I like drinking anyway :-)

What’s the “dumbest” reason you’ve ever missed your flight?

Simply overslept :-) But I’ve only missed a flight once.


Who has been the craziest seat neighbour you’ve had on a plane?

There have been countless ones. I’ve had some really funny conversations, but mostly I use the time on the plane to sleep or to prepare for a job.


What’s your record – how many destinations have you visited in one week?

I once managed to be on three continents in six days. That was pretty crazy, especially the jet lag.