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A peek behind the scenes at JOOP!

with a JOOP! family portrait and their

visions of tomorrow

‘Team work makes the dream work!’ – our JOOP! team sees itself as a family made up of a kaleidoscope of different personalities and unique characters that unites passion, humour, authenticity, creativity and Zeitgeist to make something very special. In the latest edition of the JOOP! Family series, we introduce another ten people who invest endless passion and motivation in the brand and give their very best, every day. 

Once again, we were fortunate enough to have renowned German photographer Matthias Ziegler behind the lens at this slightly unusual shoot. With his extraordinary ability to draw attention to the hidden and non-obvious, he once again succeeded in capturing the unique personalities and stories of the people behind the JOOP! brand in a series of expressive portraits. 

#joopfamily #jooptimism