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Jet set feeling, Savoir Vivre and Laissez-faire. Where better to spend the summer in style than on the Côte d'Azur. The light, the colours and the glamour factor inspired us for the new JOOP! Spring/Summer 24 collection. Casual and luxurious, airy and carefree, like a summer fling. Enjoy a relaxed café au lait in the harbour, a stylish lunch at Nikki Beach or a party at Caves du Roy, thanks to our new looks you can always look your best in any mood and situation. Summer here we come!

joop men white jacket brown shirt


The new JOOP! Spring/Summer Collection 2024 explores the picturesque colour palette of the French Riviera. Vibrant colours and all shades of blue reflect the sea, sky and landscape to create a bright, summery atmosphere. Delicate summer pastel shades are set off by navy, sporty mid-blue and powdery light blue tones.

joop men white jacket short white trousers
swimwear and watches from joop men
joop men white jacket short white trousers
joop men striped jacket, sunglasses
joop men cornflower sweat suit with cornflower bag
joop men blue white shirt with white long pants
joop jeans men print styles


The new JOOP! JEANS Collection is inspired by the freedom and summery lightness celebrated in St. Tropez - from trendy beach clubs like Club 55 and Nikki Beach to summer festivals with cool DJ sets.

joop jeans men swimwear
joop jeans men print styles
joop jeans men backpack with print shirt
joop jeans men print styles


Our new JOOP! women's collection is a tribute to the French woman, with her glamour, laissez-faire and savoir vivre, for figure-hugging looks that make every woman look cool, elegant and sexy. 

joop women jeans style with luggage
joop women white tweed blazer
joop women white business style
joop women jeans style
joop women white dresses
joop women jewellery and sunglasses
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