Suit Fit Guide


We’ll show you just how easy it is to buy a JOOP! suit online. So that it has the right size and the perfect fit – a suit that will earn you exclamation points!


The shoulder

The collar hugs the body contours. It fits without sticking up on the shoulder.

The back

The fabric on the back flows and falls smoothly. There is no sign of diagonal or horizontal creasing.

The suit jacket sleeve

The ideal sleeve length ends at the back of the hand. The shirt sleeve should be 1 cm longer than the jacket sleeve.

The closed jacket

When closed, the suit jacket has a 2-finger wide wiggle room. This can be a bit less for slim fit and extra-slim fit.

The trouser leg

The leg length can be adjusted depending on height or fashion preference.


The comfortable fit

contemporary-fit suits

The modern form of the classical suit makes a convincing debut with elaborately rendered sartorial details. The lapel is amply cut and moulds itself nicely against the chest. The shoulder has a recessed seam. When the front button of the suit jacket is closed, it leaves two fingers of wiggle room. The sleeve, with four “kissing buttons”, and the leg are cut straight. Nice detail: the lining with traditional Columbia stitching.

The slender fit

Slim Fit

The slim fit is one of the most popular fits: streamlined and clean cut, this suit wins best-dressed in any situation. Characteristic are the slender, moulded lapels and the distinctive shoulder. The front button is close to the body and yet comfortable. Sleeve and leg have a slender cut. Distinguishing feature: 4 sleeve buttons in the form of the JOOP! exclamation mark.

All Slim Fit Suits
The dynamic fit

Extra Slim Fit

The extra-slim fit is a statement in fashion confidence. The super slim cut gives this suit that special touch. Outer material and lining with stretch ensure ease of movement. Lapels, sleeve and leg are particularly slender. The figure-accentuating jacket has a shorter back length. The leg lengths can be a fashionable accent. Characteristic feature: the 3 “kissing buttons” on the sleeve.

Passion and

The heart of fashion beats in the JOOP! workshop. This is where people work on developing the collections: with passion and proportion, precision and expertise.

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