Fall/Winter 2017

Creating new experiences

Lena Gercke
meets JOOP!

Be it as a model, brand ambassador or TV presenter, Lena Gercke confidently masters whatever role she takes on. For JOOP!, she is now revealing a whole new side as she showcases the latest highlights in the world of men's fashion.

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Style is a journey

These new garments boast a stylish combination of traditional tailoring, modern design and innovative workmanship. Accompany the JOOP! couple on its journey into the new season.

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Men Lookbook

Looks do matter!

From elegant to sporty or sartorial to casual and with materials such as wool, leather or high-tech fibres, these masculine looks know no limits. When it comes to these creations, it's all about the perfect combination.

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Women Lookbook

Being all woman

Opposites attract, meaning that feminine designs and highly functional casual garments for cooler days are not mutually exclusive. In these special combinations, the new JOOP! looks are extremely attractive: during the day, in the evening, around the clock and, indeed, around the globe.

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