For the first time ever JOOP! will be official fashion partner of the GQ „Men of the Year“-Award 2019. At this year’s GQ „Men of the Year”-Award ceremony, JOOP! will step into the spotlight with highlights from the JOOP! Menswear- and Evening Capsule Collection by fitting well-known celebrities, award-winners and laudatory speakers.

JOOP! man makes his big entrance in the evening. At the party of the year, a cultural event, on the red carpet or another special occasion, all eyes are on JOOP! man as he tops the “Best Dressed Men” list with his style-conscious look.


The sophisticated JOOP! Evening Capsule Collection also features the “blue tie” trend alongside classic black.Dashes of Bordeaux red liven up the look. Elegant accessories such as bow ties, cummerbunds, handker-chiefs and ties provide the perfect final flourish for special occasions.

Time to Shine

Behind every JOOP! Man stands a glamorous JOOP! Woman.

Extravagance meets Straightforwardness. Fashion statements made of high quality materials.

Elegant accessories complement the JOOP! Festive looks.